About our company

The company that has increased dynamically in the recent years can be found in Nyíregyháza. Previously it was known as the market leader in the provision of the region with traditional bakery products, today, due to its investments, it has started to become nationally known and recognized in the production and sale of deep-frozen bakery goods.




The Nyíregyházi Kenyérgyár Kft. was established by 7 private entities in 1998. The primary aim of the owners was to provide the region with traditional bakery goods of good quality.
This year our company started to produce frozen bakery goods. At the beginning we sold products mainly to multinational companies and bakeries.
We handed over the first plant of frozen bakery products. By this the production area increased into 2480 m2. A completely automatic spiral raising machine, shocker and dough making production line was set up.
The Frigotti product line (brand) was completely reformed, we improved our packed retail products.
We handed the plant of frozen bakery products over where production takes place in completely automatized manner from the raw material to the finished product. Due to the investment our manufacturing capacity doubled.

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