Our tenders

The Nyíregyházi-Kenyérgyár Termelő és Kereskedelmi Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság won a non-refundable aid of HUF 623 117 646 and refundable aid of HUF 639 958 665 (credit) within the framework of the application for aid no.GINOP-1.2.6-8-3-4-16-2019-00110 titled “The food industrial development of the Nyíregyházi-Kenyérgyár Kft.”submitted to the support system of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme.

Within the framework of the project new producing equipment is purchased and new manufacturing plant is built in the bread factory in order to increase our production capacity. The acquisition of the new technology and the construction of the new hall building will result in the increase of capacity. Manufacturing of new products will not be realized within the framework of the project.

Within the framework of the improvement, we establish such cost-effective manufacturing technology by the application of which the conditions of the market sale, the determinant competition factors both of the export (to a smaller extent) and of the internal market (to a greater extent) will be ensured. With the related increase of manufacturing capacity, the company establishes the conditions of the long-term stable market presence and increase. For the achievement of this development aim, built-in technology, tools and machines will be purchased within the project and the plant of the existing puff pastry manufacturing hall will be extended. Due to the investment our capacity will increase by that we wish to meet the increased customer demands.

The reason for the acquisition of the technology: We plan storage in silo for the raw material (flour). Flour is delivered in bulk from the mill. Raw materials necessary for the manufacturing of the products are accepted and stored in the two warehouses planned for this purpose (one of them is cooled, the other one is not cooled). The quantities of the materials necessary for the production are prepared for the shift. Flour is taken from the silo to the plant through a spiromatic closed system, where the raw material and every necessary auxiliary material and ingredient is measured out. We make dough from the measured materials by the kneading machine placed in the plant that is taken to the paddock at the forepart of the processing unit by the elevating machine. From here the dough ball is taken to the belt of the line by inserting cylinders. We put the necessary margarin on the dough moving forward on the belt by a high-capacity pump, on the wide dough strip lying on the line. With this we can form a smooth surface that is fold by the machine into the dough. The other units of the line fold the dough in several steps, then they roll it out by cylinders in order to form the proper, pre-determined number of foliated layers. On the production line, with the help of the tools, we can produce products of many shapes and weights. These tools are listed in the offer one by one and we can produce products of several shapes and weights by them. The fillers necessary for the filling of the products are produced in the preparatory room. The raw preparation of the product neds with the filling and shaping. Products get into proper raising condition in the spiral raising machine. The product is taken from the equipment to the spiral shocker by conveyor belt. The different products also get the egg and glazed surface on the belt. The products are frozen in the shocker, then they are delivered to the packaging room after measuring. In the course of the packaging, it is important for the surface of the product not to become wet and not to stick together during the packaging. The packed products are put into cardboard boxes and they are put on pallets in the warehouse with the temperature of -20°C. The product is taken from the warehouse to the customer by keeping the cold chain.


For the completion of the process the following technology and machines are acquired:

  • 1 raising machine
  • 1 freezer
  • 1 single-lever kneading machine and its accessories
  • 1 double-lever kneading machine and its accessories
  • 1 puff pastry folding machine with 3 stages and its accessories
  • 1 glass-fibre reinforced outside silo with its accessories
  • 1 weight combination scale
  • 1 packaging-machine
  • 1 gas-operated fork-lift truck and
  • 1 pedestrian-propelled pallet loader.

Total eligible costs of the project: HUF 1 684 101 750

Term of the project’s implementation: 14.10.2019 – 02.11.2022

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