Quality assurance

The quality of our products, within this the purchased and semi-finished products, has to meet many requirements, inter alia, the effective acts, decrees, authority requirements, the expectations of the Customers as well as the food safety regulations. We always attempt to meet the expectations raised towards us to the full.

Our employees work by observing the good manufacturing and hygiene practices as well as the requirements of food safety and environmental protection so that our products could always be consumed with safety and meet the expectations of our customers.

In order to ensure the proper food safety standard, traceability of the product, application of good manufacturing practice, environmental protection and the proper employment conditions of the workers, we operate the HACCP system that is a quality management system meeting the IFS standards. 

The aim of the Nyíregyházi Kenyérgyár Kft. is to satisfy the needs customers’ requirements through the production of safe finished products of steady, good quality, to guarantee the safety of the consumers adopting to the changing market demands, complying with the rules of ethic business conduct.

In order to achieve this, we have determined our quality policy on the basis of the following:

  • meeting the requirements of the HACCP; IFS 6.1 version standard.
  • Continuous improvement of our working environment and of the technological conditions, high-level protection of the environment.
  • The management of the Kft. considers the regular training of the employees in hygiene, technology, environmental protection, labour safety and fire protection as a requirement it enables and promotes their professional development.
  • We perform our activity with environmental consciousness, applying eco-friendly methods and technologies.
  • In the course of our activity, we guarantee every statutory condition to our employees.
  • In order to achieve the quality and food safety aims, we continuously improve our quality management system, our technical-technological standard and we regularly train our employees.
  • With our business partners we always act according to the ethic trading conduct.
  • The management is committed to and takes an active role in the implementation and operation of the complex quality management system, and it requires this commitment from every employee.

Being aware of the fact that the future of the Nyíregyházi Kenyérgyár Kft. is their own future as well, every employee undertakes commitment to contribute with their activity to the realization of the management policy and aims effectively and for this they consciously attempt to acquire the necessary skills and to enrich them continuously.

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